Websites My Mom Let’s Me Visit


I wish I could surf the net more.

But my parents are soooo strict about what I can and can’t visit online.

My mom even keeps the family computer where she can see it, so I guess I won’t be getting my own computer anytime soon.

Jasmine just got one and that’s all she ever talks about at school – UGH!

I told Ralph yesterday that my parents were cruel for not letting me have my own computer and do you know what he said?


Fine, I’ll buck up. For now.

I thought I’d share a couple of sites that my parents are okay with me visiting:


The Disney Channel



I like this site because I can read about some of the shows I watch and there are quizzes and videos and it is SO colorful!


Miss O and Friends



I love this site so much! It’s by girls and for girls and it is so much fun!

There’s places where you can chat, quizzes, great articles and all kinds of helpful information. I like it because when I need some advice from someone my own age who’s not Ralph I can always find it there!


Science News for Kids




One of my teachers told me about this site and I really like it, although sometimes the articles can be kind of gross.

(Pig Face says science is kind of gross because sometimes you have to stick your hand in muck to discover something amazing. I’m not so sure!)

This is a really fun site and I have learned all kinds of important information that I am happy to share with my teachers every day!


Anyway – I hope you like these sites! And trust me – my mom looked at every one of them!


See you next month!