Fashion Angels Zendoodle Illustration Portfolio Set!!!

So this is my very first “Tracy Likes” it was a hard decision deciding what my very first “like” would be!

Since it’s not very long until my birthday AND since my Aunt Gladys mentioned she might send me some money so I could buy myself a cool present, I decided to scope out something that makes my heart sing!  And you KNOW that fashion makes my heart sing. Without further ado, here’s my first like:

IFashionAngelst has drawing pages, special pens, and a book to help you unleash your inner fashion designer. Ralph thinks my inner fashion designer was unleashed a long time ago. The good thing is, you can order this from Amazon or buy it from a local store. Plus, if you can’t find this exact one, you can probably find one like it!  I can’t wait for Aunt Gladys to send me my money!!!!!

All I know is that it is a perfect gift for me! Lester thinks it would be fun, too!