Tracy Alice Munroe is eleven years old.

She’s going to be famous when she grows up, but unlike Ralph she doesn’t know what she wants to be yet. One day she thinks she’ll be a fashion designer, another day she thinks she’ll be a writer. Sometimes she thinks she’ll run the restaurant where Ralph is a chef. She is positive she will live in New York City someday.

She is terrified of heights.

She is a terrible singer. But she sings anyway.

Her favorite food is spaghetti. She can’t wait until Ralph learns to make really good spaghetti.

Her favorite store is Trixie’s.

She studies old copies of Vogue and Seventeen magazines that she found at a yard sale and tries to dress cool and funky. She is sure that she and the editor of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour, would get along smashingly.

Her arch enemy is Jasmine Singh, but she secretly wishes Jasmine still liked her.