The Someday Birds by Sally J. Pla


I was at the library the other day and our children’s librarian recommended a new book to me.


She knows I like read about birds (I’ve been studying Eastern Coastal Birds for two years) and every time I’m at the library I tell her about another one. Last time, we talked about Terns, which is a bird that looks like a seagull with a mohawk.

So when THE SOMEDAY BIRDS arrived, she put it aside for me, cause that’s what nice librarians do.


SomedayBirds_web cover


What It’s About:

The Someday Birds tells the story of Charlie, who is twelve-years-old.

He’s kind of particular about things, like me, only he’s WAY more worried about things being clean.

When I told me Mom about how much Charlie likes things being clean she said I should take a page from his book and I had to remind her that it was a library book and a person really shouldn’t tear pages out of any books.

Anyway, something bad happens to Charlie’s dad and he ends up with a brain injury. And even worse, they move his dad all the way across the country for a special operation, so Charlie can’t see him.

That makes Charlie sad because his dad really understands him. They’ve made a list of all the birds they want to see someday and now his dad is sick and how is Charlie going to see all those birds?

That part made me sad.

But Charlie isn’t alone. He has his sister Davis and his twin brothers, Joel and Jake, and even though they drive him crazy, he loves them. And they come up with a plan to drive all the way across the country to go visit their dad, which I thought was very brave of them.

And along the way, Charlie can work on The Someday Birds list, because maybe if he can find them all, his dad will be okay.

What I liked about the book:


  • Charlie is tenacious. That means he doesn’t give up. I think if you’re going to go all the way across the country, you can’t give up.
  • Charlie learns to get along. This isn’t easy. I know!
  • He makes friends along the way – the mysterious lady Ludmilla and a really cute dog named Tiberius. When I saw that the dog was named Tiberius I was so excited, because that’s my middle name! I wonder if Sally J. Pla knew that? You never know.
  • I learned about books and places in America I didn’t know about.
  • And sometimes it made me cry. In a good way. And I was glad that I had my dog Charlie with me when I read those parts!

Do I think you will like this book?



This is another good one and I give it 5 stars!