About St. Stephen

According to Tracy Munro, the little town of St. Stephen is “the best, at least as far as I was concerned.”

Important things you need to know about St. Stephen:

1) It’s called Canada’s Chocolate Town! There’s a Chocolate Fest every year and you can visit the Chocolate Museum!

2) St. Stephen is right across the river from Calais, Maine and residents go back and forth all the time. According to the Town of St. Stephen’s website,”The communities of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick have shared lives as “border towns” in a most neighbourly fashion. In fact, in 1812 the people of St. Stephen loaned Calais sufficient gunpowder to celebrate the 4th of July while both countries were technically at war.”

3) To learn more about St. Stephen visit the town’s Website! Or better yet, visit St. Stephen!

4) There really is a Big Rock! You’re probably going to have to ask someone from St. Stephen how to get there…..


Some pictures Tracy wants to share with you:

Railway tracks

The railway tracks! See anybody sneaking off into the brush? Around that bend, take a sharp right…


ball field

The old ball field, beyond which you can see the gravel pit and THE WOODS….



I just saw Lester sneak in here, trying to spy on me and Ralph!



Lonicera Hall is my favourite house in St. Stephen. It even has a turret, where I can write all my stories. If Ralph and I don’t make it to New York City, maybe we should open a restaurant/bookstore/amazing fashion designs by moi inside!



Somebody said they just saw Joe Tunney running here…



Looking down Lisgar Street. Anyone want a popsicle?



Looking down Marks Street, which is pretty much the best street ever

If you send Tracy your St. Stephen pictures, maybe she’ll put them up here!